SPWMO First Anniversary

SPWMO First Anniversary

February 25th 2021 marks the first anniversary of the ‘Society of Painters in Water-Mixable Oils’. Much has happened in the first year seeing the membership growing to 78 with more top companies and artists getting involved. The future is exciting though progress has been held back by the arrival and persistency of the Corona Virus. This will hopefully have less and less of an impact on daily life as we move deeper into the spring and the Vaccination programme will have the positive outcome that we are all hoping for. We have great plans for the future and hope that our membership gradually increases as it becomes more well known.

We are introducing painting holiday options and I will keep you all posted via the Society website…  https://spwmo.org.uk/holidays/7-night-painting-holidays-with-murray-william-cole-ince-2022/   and here on my website.


Society of Painters in Water Mixable Oils

Society News

I am pleased to announce that the Society has now officially launched and you can join via the Society website  https://spwmo.org.uk/

The Society and the website is in its infancy but with some of the worlds leading manufacturers and top artists on board already the future is looking very exciting. If you paint with this wonderful medium why not help us lead the way and join our growing membership. I am in the process of writing the Society’s first bi-monthly newsletter and am busy gathering content so when you join be sure to opt in to receive the newsletter to be kept up to date on all of our exciting future plans and events follow the latest from the manufacturers. Join our closed group facebook page to ask questions and share thoughts and information. Welcome!

Murray William Cole Ince, Founder

Society of Painters in Water-Mixable Oils

Society of Painters in Water-Mixable Oils


‘Society of Painters in Water-Mixable Oils’

Over the years I have introduced hundreds of students to water-mixable oils and the joy that working with them gives and thought that 2020 would be the perfect year to launch an information, teaching and learning platform for all those professional and amateur artists who have discovered the amazing medium that is water-mixable oil paint or are thinking about trying them! So I and some of my fellow professionals are proud to have founded and present to you the ‘Society of Painters in Water-Mixable Oils’ and cordially invite you to join our ranks.

Murray William Cole Ince

Membership will cost £25 per annum and at present is available via the shop here on my web site and membership will soon also be available through the society website –  www.spwmo.org.uk the first 40 to join will be known as the ‘Founder members’.

The website will give general access to information and inspiration for those considering membership whilst members will have sole access to so much more including…

  • Bi Monthly Newsletter
  • Members only competitions
  • Free ‘On site’ tutorials/lessons
  • Forum
  • Photograph galleries of copyright free images for source material
  • Members only special offers
  • Contribute to Amateur Art gallery
  • Contribute to Professional Art Galleries
  • Free Holiday, Workshops, Classes and Courses listings for professional members


Whilst on the website all will have access to…

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Blog
  • Professional art galleries with links to their galleries
  • Amateur art gallery
  • Holidays page
  • Workshops page
  • Course listings
  • Event listings
  • Open Competitions
  • Advertisements
The Walled Garden Cafe, 14 Holyrood Street, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5AU

The Walled Garden Cafe, 14 Holyrood Street, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5AU

Oficially opening on Saturday November 9th 2019, The Walled Garden Cafe owned by my wife Cynthia and myself and managed by our chef daughter Laura. Apart from the great breakfasts, lunches, afternoon teas and naughty cakes you would expect from a good cafe as the name suggests, there’s a nice big garden area which in the late spring and summer will host various art exhibitions and painting workshops. In the meantime it will play host to a number of art workshops, the first of which will take place on the evening of the 19th of November from 18.30 to 20.30 the theme of which is ‘Paint a Christmas Card in Gouache’, all materials supplied and will include tea or coffee and a slice of cake all for £20 per person. With my guidance you will create your own Christmas Card which you could have copied and produced as cards in time to send to special friends and family. Places are limited so if you are interested you will need to e-mail me to book a spot, if you happen to be unlucky and the places have already been filled don’t despair if there is a demand we will simply run some more over the following week or so.

2019 Award

2019 Award

It was a great surprise to find that I had been awarded first place for my painting of ‘Quarr Abbey Ruins’ in the ‘Light, Space and Time’s’ Landscape Painting of the year competition for 2019, especially as I had previously won it in 2016. There were 572 entries from 22 different Countries.